Types of Timber Available

Up until three years ago, we used to source and harvest our own softwood, but, sadly, owing to the ever increasing price of insurance and the endless red tape of Health and Safety, it has no longer a viable option. However, we strive only to use quality timber from sustainable local forests and woodlands and also from those in Devon and Wiltshire. We interact closely with reputable local harvesters and hauliers to source the best round timber available.

We supply sawn timber to customers own exact specifications, therefore cutting down on cost and waste. We regularly supply builders with timber for bespoke projects, for example, timber framed buildings, restoration projects and even shepherds huts!


Softwoods cedar

Softwoods which we have readily available and always in stock are, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. These make ideal material for fencing, cladding and also building projects. They are well renowned for their endurance and durability.



We also have European Oak readily in stock. Unfortunately, English oak is not always available in the quantities and lengths which we require and can quite often be knotty and of poor quality. Therefore, to meet supply and demand, we purchase our oak from a well established timber company in Belgium. The oak is generally of a better grain, quality and certainly straighter. We can offer lengths of up to 7 metres. Sometimes longer!

Other types of timber we have on occasion are, Larch, Ash, Beech and Chestnut. These are not readily available to us in vast quantities, so please make enquiries by telephone if you should need these.

Alternatively, you may have some timber of your own which you require cutting down. We provide a cutting service charged at an hourly rate.

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